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Tony's Automotive Air Conditioning ServiceAir Conditioning

Don't swelter in your car because of a broken air conditioner. Let Tony's Automotive fix your air conditioning problems, so you can maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your automobile.

Tony's Automotive Battery ServiceBatteries

Your car depends on your battery. Don’t get stuck in winter with a dead battery. The engine, alternator, and electrical systems depend on a strong battery. Let Tony's replace, repair, and diagnosis your car's battery today.

Tony's Automotive Belts & Hoses ServiceBelts & Hoses

The loud squealing noise beneath the hood may be coming from a cracked or worn serpentine belt. Avoid breaking down in your vehicle by letting Tony's Automotive maintain your vehicle's belts and hoses.

Brake Systems Repair

If your vehicle is dragging, pulling, squealing, or grabbing the road, then your brake system may need to be serviced. Tony's will make you confident in your vehicle's stopping power with our brake service repair.

Tony's Automotive Drivelines ServiceDrivelines

Your vehicle's drivelines are responsible for the speed of your car. Let Tony's Automotive keep your driveline in good working order. Don’t let the kinetic energy of your vehicle work against you.

Tony's Automotive Electrical Systems DiagnosticsElectrical Systems

To facilitate even energy distribution so your vehicle's battery is properly charged, regularly check your electrical systems. Tony's provides a through check of your battery, cables, and the vehicle's charging system.

Tony's Automotive Engine DiagnosticsEngine Diagnostics

Engine Problems? No problem for Tony's Automotive engine department. We will diagnose the problem and work with you to determine the best solution.

Tony's Automotive Fluid Exchange ServicesFluid Exchange Services

A vehicle's fluids must be maintained for it to run properly. Transmission and differential fluids must be changed for proper operation. Tony's Automotive Fluid Exchange Service is one the most important preventative maintenance procedures a vehicle can receive.

Tony's Automotive Heating & Coolant SystemsHeating & Coolant Systems

If your car is "running hot”, overheating will soon occur. If your vehicle is not serviced immediately, damage can be caused to your engine and radiator. Let Tony's Automotive cool down your car today!

Tony's Automotive Mufflers & ExhaustMufflers & Exhaust

Did you fail your Colorado emissions test? Failing an emissions test is usually the fault of the vehicle's muffler or exhaust system. Tony's automotive will put you back on the road today.

Oil, Lube & Filter Services

Tony's Oil, Lube, and Filter Services are some of the most important things one can do to make sure the car is running in tip top shape. There are many drawbacks of not getting your oil serviced. Drive smoothly with Tony's Oil, Lube and Filter Service.

Steering & Suspension

Having difficulties steering your vehicle and/or hearing noises when turning the steering wheel? Then the culprit may be your steering system. Tony's will give your vehicle a smooth, controlled ride with a properly functioning suspension system.

Tony's Automotive Tune-UpsTune-Ups

Tony's will make your vehicle last longer with regularly scheduled tune-ups. Tune-ups consist of replacing the distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters, PCV valve/filter, O2 sensor, checking ignition wires, setting timing, and more.

Tony's Automotive Wheel AlignmentWheel Alignment

Without the proper wheel alignment, one cannot safely control his or her vehicle. Tony's wheel alighnment makes adjustments to reduce tire wear, and ensures your vehicle drives straight and true.

Tony's Automotive Wheel and Tire BalancingWheel and Tire Balancing

Tony's will balance your tires and wheels to avoid uneven wear, vibration, and potentially unsafe driving conditions. Tire balancing will save you money on premature wear on your tires.